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Residential, Hospitality, Supermarkets, Retail, Laboratories, Schools, Malls, Office fit

Apartment Building


Large Scale Residential Projects

Our approach to large scale residential projects is to provide our clients with the confidence that we will get the job done efficently, fast and with the best possible quality. Our experience allows us to add value by reducing the schedule time required to complete the work. This is done by implimenting the best industry standards of practice in the pre-fabrication process. In addition, our experience is extremely valuable in identify code related issues that would otherwise slow the project and create costly change orders.

Commercial Construction

Contracting Done Right

Our fully licensed and insured professionals have helped countless clients discover the joy and benefits of working with Averill Electric Co., Inc.. We’ll customize our services to complement the particular needs a project demands, committed to quality, efficiency, and saving our clients money in the long run.

Empty Factory
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